Top 5 Hottest Criminal Justice Careers

Consider starting your criminal justice major with these jobs in mind—they are 2017's most popular roles in the field for a reason.  ... Continue Reading..

What to Expect as a Correctional Officer

Grit and guts brought you to the field and keep you going in a day filled with cell searches, security rounds, and mail shakedowns. Over two ... Continue Reading..

Reasons to Become a Paralegal

If you like the idea of being indispensable to those you work for, sleuthing for information, and figuring out people, look into being a paralegal.&... Continue Reading..

5 Personality Traits of a Successful Police Officer

Training can only take you so far: The best police officers come to the field with these characteristics as natural to them as breathing. Whi... Continue Reading..

5 Highest Paid Criminal Justice Careers

Big paychecks come to those in these interesting criminal justice careers. Consider picking one for your own. There’s no shame in ... Continue Reading..

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