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Paralegal Studies - Associate of Science

Paralegal Studies - Associate of Science at Brookline College

What will you learn at Brookline?

You may choose to pursue your paralegal studies at our Tucson, AZ, campus. Our paralegal degree program is designed to provide students with a strong knowledge base in legal concepts, theory and management. Students will develop knowledge and skills in areas such as legal research, family law, criminal law, legal forms and procedures, torts & litigation, legal writing, law office management and more.

Upon graduation, you will have the foundation to contribute to your employer in the areas of:

  • Legal Research & Writing
  • Torts & Litigation
  • Legal Assisting
  • Family Law
  • Law Office Management
  • Criminal Law
  • Contracts and,
  • Estate Planning

Starting your Career!

Graduates of the ASPS program at Brookline College will be prepared to function in entry-level positions in various legal settings such as courts, law firms, insurance offices, or corporate legal divisions having skills in legal research, office skills, professional ethics, legal writing, analysis of case law, and communication.

The presence of trained, flexible and highly qualified paralegals can be an important factor within a successful law firm. As the market becomes more competitive in this field, it is increasingly imperative that every candidate get a strong education and background in legal studies. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that paralegal jobs will experience an 18% growth rate between 2010 and 2020, yielding almost 47,000 new paralegal careers in the space!*

Additionally, our dedicated career services department as well as our network in the local community will ensure that you receive every available opportunity to interview for and attain the right job to move your career forward.

Criminal Justice - Associate of Science

Criminal Justice - Associate of Science at Brookline College

If you’re interested in keeping your community safe and you want to help prevent crime, then a criminal justice degree is right for you.
Students will develop knowledge and skills in areas such as inmate management, private security, criminal investigation, juvenile justice, procedural criminal law, counter-terrorism, community relations and more.
At Brookline, we understand that a solid foundation of criminal justice practices and processes can be the difference between a job and your career. Additionally, we recognize the importance of an education in general studies.
Our criminal justice program incorporates both the basics of a liberal arts education with the critical elements of a degree in law enforcement and legal studies.

Source: Career School Now - Brookline College

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