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Paralegal Program

The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal program at Southern Technical College is designed to provide the student industry-relevant training by encompassing a well-balanced curriculum of legal theory and practice, general education, and business skills. Paralegal students are involved in legal research and writing, document preparation, trial practice, and general law office management.

This Paralegal course presents students with the opportunity to examine and develop comprehensive legal research and writing skills. Students will be trained in some of the most functional abilities required for successful paralegals. This course presents students with cutting-edge training in online legal research and will allow them to gain a familiarity regarding the technological platforms used by most law firms. Students will learn proper methods of analyzing and synthesizing rules, derived from case law, to make powerful arguments in support of clients’ cases. Instruction will also cover proper citation format, use of indexes, and the differences between primary and secondary sources of law. Computer-based research, as well as traditional forms of research, will be utilized. Students will practice retrieving legal sources, analyzing fact patterns, and organizing effective documents.

The main focus of this program is to assist the attorney with research, writing (including drafting of forms, subpoenas, depositions, and summaries), and the management of the law office.

Program Available at these Locations:

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Tampa, FL


Southern Technical College is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education. Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, Fl 32399-0400, toll-free telephone number (888) 224-6684.

Southern Technical College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award bachelor's degrees, associate's degrees, certificates, and diplomas. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

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