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Click through to learn about different careers in criminal justice, legal assisting, law and law enforcement. Popular careers include legal assistant, court reporter, police officer, paralegal, investigator, and detective. Decided on a career? Find a criminal justice school near you.

  • Paralegal
    Paralegals can be found working alongside lawyers, supporting them by working files, organizing the case through research, and crafting supporting documents.
  • Court Reporter
    If you are detail oriented and have mad listening, concentrating, and writing skills, then you may have a calling as a court reporter or stenographer.
  • Correctional Officer
    If you’re looking for an exciting, fast-paced career, then you might want to consider becoming a correctional officer.
  • Investigator
    You have an eye for detail, and you don’t miss a single thing.
  • Parole Officer
    Parole officers monitor recently released offenders.
  • Detective
    Do you sit glued to the television, binge-watching all those popular detective shows? You aren’t alone.
  • Probation Officer
    Incarceration is not always the right punishment for some offenders.
  • Police Officer
    If becoming a police officer is your ambition, learn about the 'ins and outs' in the following article.
  • Lawyer

    As a lawyer, you will be hired to legally represent an individual, a corporation, a business, or some other type of entity within a court of law.

  • Legal Studies

    Learn about a versatile degree that can lead to many career opportunities in criminal justice.