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Legal Studies

A career in legal studies opens you up to a variety of professional opportunities within the criminal justice field. After getting the needed credentials your school and specific career path require, your legal studies program can prepare you for many careers in criminal justice.

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Careers Paths You Can Take in Legal Studies 

As an interdisciplinary field, there are many careers a legal studies degree can lead to.

Legal studies careers include but are not limited to:

  • Paralegal
  • Litigation Paralegal
  • Legal Support Worker
  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Court Reporter

While enrolled in legal studies programs, students may also have the opportunity to receive first-hand experience working alongside industry professionals. Ask your chosen school about industry opportunities available for students.

The Field of Legal Studies 

Legal studies is a versatile field examining the application of law with a socially-focused scope. A legal studies degree is interdisciplinary, combining elements of law and liberal arts degrees.

Depending on the exact career you are pursuing, you may need a specialization. There are many different types of legal studies specializations. These range from focuses in real estate, healthcare, human resources, research, criminal law, and dispute resolution. Consult your school’s advisor to ensure that your school offers the specialization you need.

Legal Studies Degrees

Getting your degree in legal studies can kick-start your career in law. Your legal studies education will likely focus on business and legal ethics, litigation procedures, case management, and other related disciplines.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in legal studies generally takes 4 years to complete. If you decide to pursue an associate degree in legal studies, your program will likely take 2 years to complete. With associate degree programs, you will only take classes that focus specifically on legal studies. 

If you are eager for a quicker education option, certificate programs are available to provide accelerated training.

Reasons to Pursue Legal Studies 

There are many reasons legal studies professionals enter the field. If you are someone who has always been interested in law, you can rest assured knowing that a career in legal studies has many benefits.

Some of the many benefits of a legal studies program are:

Extensive Knowledge of Law: Legal studies programs are designed to be interdisciplinary. Individuals in legal studies have many career opportunities due to their thorough knowledge.

Professional Variety: Legal studies professionals have many opportunities to pursue their passion. For instance, if you’re passionate about activism, you can work internally in the court system to try to enact the change you wish to see in your community.

Financial Stability: There are many criminal justice careers that pay well and are in-demand, making a legal studies degree as profitable as it is versatile.

Growth Opportunities: There are many legal studies careers that offer upward mobility. Climbing the career ladder in legal studies is made possible with time and experience.

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Choosing a career in legal studies can open you up to many opportunities in criminal justice. The degree is versatile, giving you an opportunity to explore the field and find the career that is best for you.

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