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What is a Paralegal?

Paralegal’s can be found working alongside lawyers, supporting them by working files, organizing the case through research, and crafting supporting documents. A paralegal’s duty depends on who they work for and which area of law they do. Because the paralegal works directly on a case and, in some instances, do much of the work to present the case, their hours are billable to the client, similar to a lawyer only not as expensive.

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At School, Paralegals may specialize

  • personal injury
  • criminal law
  • bankruptcy
  • immigration
  • corporate
  • litigation

How to become a Paralegal?

To become a paralegal, you must first have a high school diploma or a GED. The paralegal program can be found at community colleges across the country. The community college paralegal program is generally a 2 year associate’s degree however some lawyers prefer their paralegal’s to have a bachelor’s degree from a top college.

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Courses a Paralegal will take at School

  • legal research
  • legal writing
  • corporate law
  • international law
  • legal applications of computers

Qualities important to paralegal’s are strong communication skills, proficient computer skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and exceptional organization and research skills.

How much does a Paralegal make?

As of 2015 the median salary for a Paralegal was over $48,800. However, depending on how much experience the paralegal has and what type of law is the specialty, paralegals can make much more.

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Paralegal and Legal Assistant Job outlook

Between now and 2024, the job outlook for the profession is expected to grow 8% due to the growth in law firms. To keep costs down, lawyers will hire more paralegals to make their service more affordable. 

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