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How Much Do Criminal Justice Programs Cost?

how much does criminal justice program cost

From careers as a police officer or private detective, to paralegal work and the world of cybersecurity, a criminal justice program will help you prepare a range of career options in law enforcement and beyond. Criminal justice program costs range from $100 per credit hour to $600 per credit hour. This does not take into account the cost of travel, housing, textbooks and other fees.

Criminal Justice Degree Types 

The cost for criminal justice programs vary widely. Generally, associates degree programs cost typically less than bachelor’s programs, and diploma programs often cost less than associate degree programs.

The best program for you depends heavily on your career goals. Here are some great careers and training programs available to you:

A career in corrections can be rewarding and transform you into a vital member of the community. Correctional Officers work in prisons to keep inmates safe from one another and prevent them from escaping prison. Carrington College’s Criminal Justice Associate of Science degree focuses on criminal law, physical agility training, evidence collection, and more. The total program costs $37,572, with discounts for military personnel.

Paralegals can perform many of the same tasks as lawyers. They organize and draft documents, assemble cases, and even interview witnesses. Paralegals are also in charge of submitting court documents and maintaining strict deadlines. Paralegal training for a career in law is possible via Florida National University and their Associates of Arts in Paralegal Studies. The course costs $550 per credit, with a requirement of 60 credits to pass.

Police officers are at the front lines every day. They address emergencies, monitor traffic, enforce laws, and detain criminals. Learn about emergency response, security, and more with a criminology course at the Institute of Technology. This course costs $25,454 plus any course materials and fees.

Online or Classroom Learning

Although many schools are set in beautiful locations, it’s also possible to study criminal justice online for increased flexibility. Taking classes online is a great way to get your degree, especially if you are working or have other obligations. Like physical schools, you will be able to get an associate or bachelor’s degree depending on the school and what options it has to offer.

The average rate for online school ranges between $100-$500 per credit hour. One four-hour class will cost you anywhere between $400-$2,000. Financial aid may be available, even for online college.

Financial Aid and Fees

Remember, the fees mentioned here aren’t going to be the same for every student and won’t take into consideration any financial assistance students may be eligible for. Your school’s financial aid officer is probably the best source of information when it comes to finding available grant and scholarship money. Regardless of what program you choose, there is a lot of financial aid money out there to help those who need it!

A career in criminal justice offers higher pay, faster training, and stronger impact that lets you turn your passion into paychecks. Find an accredited educational partner who offers flexible class schedules, hands-on learning, and career assistance after graduation to put you on the case today.

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