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5 High Paying Criminal Justice Jobs

There’s no shame in thinking about salary when choosing a future career—everyone needs to eat. If you are going into criminal justice and still narrowing down your focus, why not consider one of the highest paying criminal justice jobs? Salaries have been extracted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and all are averaged. 

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FBI Agent Average Salary

The career path of an FBI agent is not a quick one: It could take many years of excellence in law enforcement to even get looked at as a potential candidate for the FBI. But, once you’re in, you can make an average salary of $95,930 as of 2023, or, the top 10 percent of investigators make closer to $154,360, which you may likely come closer to with experience in the FBI. 

Private Investigator Average Salary

Most PIs spend much of their time with law enforcement officials examining evidence and reviewing materials. Private investigation is gritty, raw, and sometimes boring as you wait to catch those you are investigating in the act. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary of private investigators was $60,270 in 2023. 

Forensic Psychologist Average Salary

Forensic psychologists are part psychologist and part legal expert. They assess individuals who have come into conflict with the legal system. Expect to go through a good amount of postgraduate education to become one. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that forensic psychologists made an average salary of $110,300 in 2023.

Criminologist Average Salary

Criminologist are sociologists who study criminal behavior and how it relates to culture and society. Criminologists are different from forensic psychologists in that they profile the crimes and types of crimes as opposed to the individual performing the crime. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that criminologists made an average salary of $106,710 in 2023. 

Customs Official Average Salary 

Customs officials are tasked with stopping criminals from entering or leaving the United States, keeping our borders safe and secure. With growing issues at the borders, there are plenty of jobs available for those experienced in criminal justice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that customs officials made an average salary of $80,190 in 2023.

But Wait, There’s More: Other Top-Paying Criminal Justice Careers

There are many other careers within the criminal justice system that pay really well. For example, lawyers and judges can earn high six figures. Or, forensic science technicians made an average of $71,540 according to the 2023 Bureau of Labor Statistics. We've listed just some of the careers in criminal justice can be lucrative as well as fulfilling.

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