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Successful Police Officers—Ethics, Honesty, Commitment, Strength

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While new skills can be learned and some job-related tasks will never be liked, having the personality traits necessary to be successful in a career is not negotiable. Otherwise, you may find your dream job turns into a nightmare. For a police officer, you must be:


Police officers must always do the right thing and follow the laws. You may be tempted to sway under the pressures of the job and lose control during an investigative incident. But it’s up to police officers to stay in check when things get out of hand.


A police officer has a lot of power in his or her position. In a court of law, someone’s fate may be in your hands. You must honestly present the facts to the judge and jury. Police officers always have to speak the truth, even during times that could negatively impact them. This can be difficult, especially if you are facing losing the trust or respect of fellow officers.


Police officers should be fully committed to helping others. You are hired to protect and serve. Honoring that credo begins the minute you start the job until the day you retire. Despite the risk involved, you do what’s necessary to keep citizens safe and assist those who need help. You are there to make the community a better place for everyone in it.


The work of a police officer is physically and mentally challenging. As a police officer, you need to stay in shape, both body and mind. You must be okay with routinely taking drug tests and physical exams, and you must not crack under pressure.


Police officers should be able to talk to civilians—and even enjoy it. Effective communication skills are necessary to law enforcement officers so that they can diffuse any situation with words before arms. From speaking in front of students about stranger danger to talking down a hostage situation, your environment is always changing, and you must be able to relate to the situation at hand.

What Makes A Good Police Officer?

When choosing a career, factor in your likes and dislikes. Go into a line of work that works with your personality instead of against it. If you’re caring, passionate for the truth, and comfortable with stress and people, becoming a police officer would suit you well. Ready to lock this job down? Learn about the testing and training you will need.

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