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Reasons To Become A Paralegal—Challenging, Social, Smart, Secure

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Paralegals work alongside attorneys, helping them to prepare for cases. A paralegal does everything from researching like a sleuth to preparing documents. As a paralegal, you are an essential asset to the attorneys you work for. Sounds like how you see yourself already? Here are four reasons you should pursue becoming a paralegal.

You like a challenge

Jobs that are too easy turn your brain to mush. You prefer to apply yourself at work, and as a paralegal, you will definitely get to use all your mental capacities. The job can be stressful, and you may work with an attorney that is demanding of your time and intellect. A paralegal may be expected to work beyond the regular 9-5, especially when there is a hard deadline. But to you, all this excites you and means “game on".

You’re a people person

You like being around people, talking to them, finding out what makes them tick—it’s your thing. Paralegals need to have effective interpersonal skills. You'll constantly have to reach out to clients, other attorneys, and court staff on a daily basis. Phone calls are a constant in the life of a paralegal. So, if collaborating with others is appealing then considering becoming a paralegal is a good move!

You like words

And you aren’t afraid to use them. Researching, organizing, and writing—there’s a lot of that expected from a paralegal. And that’s totally okay; it’s something you thrive on. Court memos, briefs, contracts, and tax returns are just some of the many documents a paralegal will do in a day depending on the type of attorney you work for.

You like security

The job of a paralegal is pretty secure. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegal roles are expected to grow by 4 percent through 2032. This growth is consistent with that of the national average for all occupations.

The demand for paralegals is growing, as attorneys try to lower their costs to make legal aid more accessible. Also, corporations are hiring in-house paralegals to cut down costs, as well. Competition may be fierce, but the paralegals that have been formally trained and have a great computer background will rise to the top.

Sounds Good To Me

If these points hit sweet spots with your personality and abilities, becoming a paralegal may be just the career for you: Learn more about the different specializations paralegals take and how to get started.

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